Tom Urbanek

Tom Urbanek, an entrepreneur since he was sixteen, founded more than 20 companies and is an active investor in real estate and startups.
Besides his physical security solutions company "TAURUS Sicherheitstechnik" he is also one of the founders of one of the leading real estate investor circles in Austria, the "Immo Invest Club Austria" as well as a founding member of startup boutique VC "Founders of Europe" and a coach and mentor for aspiring real estate investors.
In his new book “101 Life Principles” he outlines concepts, ideas and principles that have shaped his businesses and personal life in order to help others improve and succeed in life and business.

Getting comfortable with discomfort

Tom's talk is about why death is the best thing that ever happened to him, why you should love it when it sucks, how and when to get ahead in timeframe of a couple of seconds and why you need to act out your own life sometimes.

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