Sabine Köszegi © Luiza Puiu

Sabine Köszegi, a Full Professor of Labor Science and Organization at TU Wien, brings over two decades of interdisciplinary research expertise, focusing on the dynamic intersections of technology, work, and organization. With a prolific track record of 100+ peer-reviewed papers, Sabine leads a pioneering team dedicated to innovative technology solutions for conflict resolution and negotiation, while also conducting insightful analyses of the evolving landscape of work. Her research delves into the implications of Robotics and AI from a socio-technical perspective, also addressing the societal implications. She's served as a member of the AI HLEG for the European Commission, chaired the Austrian Council on Robotics and AI, and since 2021, is a visiting fellow at the prestigious European Thinktank Bruegel AISBL in Brussels, Belgium, where she investigates gender issues in the 'Future of Work and Inclusive Growth' project.

Design Challenges for Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy AI respects human autonomy by prioritising ethical considerations and ensuring that technology empowers individuals rather than infringing on their freedoms. The talk highlights the crucial role of transparency for solving design challenges and the importance of collaborative efforts between technologists, policymakers and society to promote the responsible development and use of AI.

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