Martin Giesswein is a digital humanist. His mission is to strengthen the digital literacy of 10,000 people per year. His research and work aims for a digital transformation that serves people and the environment. He achieves this goal as book author and as podcaster, as speaker, online sparring partner, and as faculty member of the WU Executive Academy. He is building digital and real communities, for example as co-initiator of DigitalCity.Wien, as co-founder of the innovation campus Talent Garden Wien, as co-orchestrator of "Community creates Mobility". As CEO, he led the exit-deal of the online portal in 2014. Before that, he breathed corporate air for 15 years, e.g. as General Manager or Marketing Director CEE

How Digital Humanism will save Our World

Based on his book "AI 2040: How Digital Humanism will save Our World," Martin will take us into a positive scenario story to imagine our very near future. A future that we need to shape starting from today to prevent a dystopia already programmed in our current economies and societies.

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