February 21, 2018 tedplayer1

What do you do with an idea?


An idea isn’t just something you can plan or prepare in time for a meeting, It just pops into your mind when it’s ready to, and there you are.

So, when you do have an idea, what do you do with it?

Well, there are lots of options. You can avoid it because it’s a bit scary or you can try to hide or abandon it. You can decide that it’s silly and not worth any attention or you can pretend that it doesn’t belong to you at all.

However, sometimes it’s not easy to just forget your idea and chuck it into your mental trash basket to be lost forever. It keeps popping up and won’t leave you alone – it wants to be heard! You’re driving back home and suddenly you catch your breath. It’s your idea and it’s exciting and you want to explore it and play with it. Next day you’re in the middle of a conversation with a friend and your idea keeps bugging you and won’t let you focus. It wakes you up in the morning, it doesn’t let you sleep at night, it makes you feel alive.

From this moment on you realize that your idea needs your conscious attention and instead of trashing and ignoring it, you start to nurture it, build it, take care of it and satisfy its needs. Let it run wild!

Day after day your idea becomes bigger and stronger, and you enjoy the time you can spend with it, watching it grow and take shape into something beautiful and elegant. You love your idea. It´s turned into a significant and meaningful part of your life and you decide that it’s ready to be shared with other people.

Are you afraid that they won’t like it as much as you do and may criticise it? Well, some of them inevitably will. They’ll say your idea is too simple, unrealistic and that it would be better to hide it and never show it to the world again.

And you could believe them and start feeling ashamed and run away from it. But why should they decide? Why should you listen to them if only you know how much happiness it can bring you?

And then your idea is complete and mature, it’s become a part of everything. You might sometimes think that your idea has turned your world upside down, but It encourages you to think bigger and see things from a different perspective.

Now you know what to do with it.

May your idea change the world.

Kobi YamadaWhat Do You Do with an Idea?. Compendium Inc, 2014

By Yevheniia Bielskikh