Marlene Johler

Marlene Johler has 10 years of experience in M&A, Venture Capital, Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy in Europe, Africa and Asia. She supports companies in their first steps towards the Circular Economy by offering knowledge on what the Circular Economy is and how companies can benefit from it. Specifically, she works with businesses to design Circular Economy strategies, identify circular opportunities and guides them during the implementation phase of projects. Marlene focuses on the transition to the Circular Economy because, as she points out, we don’t have much time left to do something about the climate crisis. At the same time, she sees Circular Economy as a driver for innovation and sustainability that will allow us to preserve our planet for future generations. Circular Economy is also, in her opinion, a huge business opportunity for companies, as it allows them to develop new business areas, reduce risks and build a positive image.

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