February 11, 2019 tedplayer1

The courage to ask questions

Nowadays it takes courage to ask questions, to have critical opinions and views. Because it seems that society judges one for questioning. Nevertheless, where there are questions, there are answers or at least a potential to look for them. There is nothing like a “stupid or needless” question, there is just the immoral behaviour of the human being towards an asking person.

But even though it seems to be impossible to long for answers, the following will outline some personalities who made a change because of their tireless effort in asking questions. The quality they have in common is that each of them experienced success, even though they had to overcome obstacles. Obstacles like rumours or disbelief and bad reputation caused by their strong, independent character. But they showed that one can follow their passion when one stands up for his/her values and questions.

Stephen Hawking, one of the most impressive personalities, made it possible to live a life, physically restricted but with a mind that created game changing ideas. A man who had the courage of asking questions– in the field of physics and science. But mostly they were from his common interest and so he shared his results with the world, so that one can profit from his thoughts.

Vera Birkenbihl was a famous author and motivational coach, created an innovative way of learning languages. Her confidence and critical behaviour towards the common way of studying enabled a positive impact on learning strategies. With lectures and talks she distributed her knowledge to the world.

Publishing and revealing information about the work of secret services, Edward Snowden’s life became a worldwide matter. While asking for more privacy for the individual he wanted to show the world how much the services know, throughout their observation systems.

Criticism, the definition of which has a wide range, is the start of making a change to create movements whether in science, in art or political matters. Often, questioning means to be outstanding, to be different. And to be different means, not fitting into the puzzle that we call society. It takes much more than just courage trying to change the world. Because there are always people not believing in one and that makes it even harder achieving dreams and hopes.

The human species are both trivial and at the same time the most complex system, develop their lifestyles depending on the current ecosystem and demand of the social needs from their surroundings, since ages. Through years the progress was enormous and so it was possible to learn how to communicate and how to intensify progress even more. Even though asking questions always entailed “confused” faces and mixed reputations, it makes discoveries possible.

Be part of the movement. Be different! Ask questions!

By Bernadette Czermak