April 30, 2019 tedplayer1

Studential Career Planning doesn’t need to be difficult

Referring to this year’s motto “connected”, this blog will outline the importance of connection for students. To get an internship, a job or even to enhance his horizon one needs to be connected. Since students are busy to keep up with their current fields of studies, it is often hard to get the chance of getting in touch with people that might be important for their careers. Therefore, the TU Career Center takes care of establishing a matching surrounding and to realize ideas of connection.

The organization creates space for connecting not only for students but also for employers. Through events like the  TUday, the JobFair of TU Wien (this year on 16 th of May, 10.30 – 16.00 @ Freihaus & Library), organized by the TU Career Center, different companies get the chance to get in touch with students and vice versa. Despite this, the organization offers various career & connecting programs and even supports events like TEDxTUWien. One of those programs called “Talente Programm” or the English translation “talent program” -which sounds much better in German- is designed for students to get in touch with companies and leading people in different fields. In the process the students are trained by a personality coach and experience an application and recruiting procedure first hand. The TU Career Center tries to build the connecting bridge between student and company, university and work. Additionally to that, they offer lots of career seminars, individual counseling and support during the entire job application process. This includes help with their CV, cover letter, career planning and job interview preparation.

To inform the students and also the broad spectrum of interested persons, the TU Career Center provides a magazine – “MeinJOB” (every semester new on campus) – which tells about the latest information in terms of events, introducing personalities and relevant career-topics. Moreover, they provide a point of contact on their website for students and companies separately, to be able to give individual responses. To also find a connection in the daily life of students they share updates on social media like Instagram or Facebook as well.

In the end, a connection is not to be missed word in nowadays society. To stay tuned, be informed and still be able to focus on his studies the TU Career Center is not only the connecting but also helping hand for student and employer. And here the most important message: All these services are free for students of the TU Wien! www.tucareer.com