June 2, 2019 tedplayer4


Isn’t it the most important to have,
a supportive structure not only in our head;
persons to be mad
at, to love and to behold,
the true treasure. More than gold.

Together stronger than any tape;
forming the warming shape
of a heart, that pumps the blood
through the organism,
to keep it alive.

Working against the obstacles that appears
against rumors, disbelief and fears
for a better life together

The smiles in all our faces
when we recognize
those persons on our paths
feelings for them more complicated than maths
with whom we talk, cry and laugh.

Those who are there for us in situations more than extreme
those seem to me like family,
more than good friends,
family holding hands
in depressing moments, when life falls apart,
shaking hands after fight start.
clapping hands whenever we win,
failing no longer a sin,
empathy sailing to a safer ground.
Where true love/devotion will be found.

Trusting more than any other
having sister and brother
wherever we row our boat,
there will be waiting a warming coat,
of love.

Wherever we go, we leave feelings
like footprints in the sand
carrying motions to any land
to show affection

No matter what happens on our way
there is just one more thing left to say

You, my dear reader, are my family,
you, although we might not know each other, will be there for me in any way
because my impression, memories and associations will stay
together with yours in this text,
and maybe you are the next
person I meet out there;


By Bernadette Czermak