March 31, 2019 tedplayer1

Dear fear,

Illustration by Felicia Gulda

Illustration by Felicia Gulda

Thanks for everything, but I don’t need you in my life anymore.

It was a pleasure to meet you, that’s for sure,
without you, I wouldn’t be here.
I love and really do respect you, my dear fear,
but for now
go away.

The things that cross your mind;
when one of a kind
needs motivation,
are things that inspire you the most.

And in this chaos, one feels lost,
because the windy weather in one’s mind,
cannot find
the answer,
when fear crosses one’s way.

So, despite the anger and the loss of hope,
we cannot handle we cannot cope,
the situation in which we don’t have control
stressed out in the deepest minds of our soul.

To defuse my thoughts in a certain way,
I need to understand, that my panic will stay
as long as I hide from my fears.

Ever I feel you,
there is no clue
how to get rid
of the shape in my head
when your shadow
is shaking through my body.

Then I haven’t seen you in years,
my mind is still full, but it sometimes clears
up, the mess in my head.
And as long as you are not on my way
I can make my happiness stay
for longer.

Hey fear, I will never ever again,
give you the chance to rule my life.
forgive me.
if I had the choice
to use my voice
against you,
I scream as loud as possible
to hunt you down.

Eye for an eye
before I say goodbye
I want equal chances to fight you, my dear friend,
cause in the end
it wasn’t me that teared you down.
it was you that teared me down.

Leave me alone, I am happy without you,
my biggest wish just came true,
to find passion,
to find love,
and from my view above,
I owe you just the words “Thank you”

I wouldn’t be here,
if you my dear fear,
wouldn’t have crossed my path.
Thank you so much, because without you
I wouldn’t experience what it means to be free,
without a look in your eyes in which I see
that you are that flame that burns me down.

For everyone and especially you my dear fear,
I love you to the moon and back,
but you and I should track
the way to a gentler planet.

End up like me,
feel happy, feel free,
goodbye old friend;
a lot of wishes I send
and now I live life like I imagine,
Smiling and loving while in light
and dream about these days every night

without fear

By Bernadette Czermak

Illustration by Felicia Gulda