May 2, 2019 tedplayer4

Connecting ideas – the idea(l) connection

Smart technology is about a seamless connection of objects. Whether cars, industrial machinery or office chairs – the advantages of intelligent technology can be harnessed by a combination and integration into broader digitalization concepts. To pursue the dream of a driverless car, for instance, one does not only need to enable the car to “see” using sensor technology but also need to enable it to “speak” with other cars and the surrounding infrastructure to make smart cars as safe and effective as possible.

Smart technology is also about the seamless connection of data. Using technologies in variable context, combining different technologies – this is where one generates additional value. Kapsch showed one example of this kind of connectivity. By integration of high-speed camera technology into their fabrication, they drastically enhanced their productivity. This was enabled with the generation of digital fingerprints to scan raw material and product-specific parameters, thereby optimizing production processes, as well as reducing reject rates.

However, most importantly smart technology is about the connection of people and their ideas – technology needs to put human interest first. What will a driverless car be worth if it is still consuming parking space instead of driving around for shared use? What will automation be worth if it does not improve production processes and thus make workers’ lives easier? Kapsch as a leading partner in digitalization operates as such a consultant, system supplier and service provider. They support companies in taking their business performance to the next level and help in developing new business models and solutions for today’s technological challenges. Their mobility solutions help to make road and train traffic safer, more reliable and more efficient, while also helping to reduce pollution levels.

Visit their booth at the TEDxTUWIEN and connect with their experts. Get to know their technologies and solutions. Discuss their visions of the future and connect!

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