July 11, 2020 tedplayer1

A connecTED recap

One year ago, our event “connecTED” took place. Those who attended and those who followed the talks online can surely remember one or the other situation that was mind-blowing or especially touching. To conserve impressions, I worked my way throughout the event, looking for volunteers answering some questions.
As most of the attendees were quite open-hearted and open-minded, it was not difficult to find some volunteers to talk to. In general, I intended to have a short recap and their point of view towards the event, the topic.  In some cases, I wanted to know the messages they would take from the conference day overall.
When hearing the word “connection”, most of the people associated the term with human interaction. How people influence each other, but also how they communicate, get in touch with each other. Internet and social media are a way of connecting.
Still, the connection between humans and technology in this sense was outlined. But truly, it is quite a philosophical term.
The most beautiful thing about such an event is that people from various backgrounds come together to listen to talks about different fields. People getting connected through TED with other people, that might have never crossed their paths. Isn’t that wonderful?
When asked what comes to their mind when hearing TEDx, it is no surprise that the following answers appeared:
It is a format that is groundbreakingly different from other conferences. People get inspired and often change certain habits after they
had a “click”-moment caused by a talk. It also implements ideas, creativity, and, to say it yet again, connection.”
Each attendee started somehow to get in touch with TED talks. Nevertheless, whether it was a coincidence, their interest, or just because their mom told them about, then they would start watching TED talks online. Perhaps one person read a Facebook advertisement.
However, TED brings together ideas and creativity, and so I wanted to preserve views of them. Some of the most treasurable comments
are quoted in the following with their belonging question.
Q: What did you learn from the talks?
A: “They (the presenters) didn’t succeed with their initial intentions.
Q: Which message/advice would you give to the world?
A: “redo studies and don’t be afraid of the outcome” “do something that changes the world.”
Just typing these phrases into the laptop in front of me, gets me motivated and curious about upcoming talks. Whenever you feel this impulse, do not hesitate to get inspired by various talks, currently available on several platforms.
If there is any topic you are interested in, go and watch TED online!” one of the attendees said.
Certainly, I could write pages about the memorable moments from the event last year, but better, stay tuned and be part of one of our next events. To end up this short recap, I want to share some other quote:
Think outside the box and question what is given.

By Bernadette Czermak