#decarbnow is a collaborative group project that evolved out of a collective effort between people from various professional backgrounds. Jesse de Pagter is involved with the project driven by his background as a philosopher that studies the challenges of the anthropocene for our way of thinking about technological development. He is currently finishing his PhD at the TU Wien. Stefan Weingärtner is passionate about finding new ways to address the structural problems leading to climate change from different angles, focusing strongly on an economic approach. He currently works as a scientific assistant at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research and holds a master’s degree in economics and development studies.

Let's decarbonize - now! Using satellite data to collectively reduce pollution

Let’s be inspired by Jesse and Stefan’s talk on their community-driven pollution tracking platform to draw attention to places of environmental degradation and create incentives for decarbonization. They strive for a movement that promotes environmental justice and planetary balance, rather than many of the current obsessive habits of overproduction and excessive growth.

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