Verena Ringler is an innovator at the diplomacy-society interface, focusing on the transition to climate neutrality in Europe and internationally. She inspires and supports cross-sectoral and forward-looking leadership as Founding Director of the non-profit AGORA European Green Deal. Previously, Ringler developed large-scale projects on Europe for Germany’s Stiftung Mercator. From 2006 to 09, she helped establish the EU’s communication work in Pristina, Kosovo, as member of a EU-U.S. diplomatic team. She also worked as an editor at Foreign Policy magazine, from 2002 to 06.
Ringler has a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University’s SAIS in Bologna and Washington. She also studied in Innsbruck, Vienna, and Uppsala. She serves on the advisory boards of several policy organizations and regularly appears in the media as well as at the Club of Venice. She holds registered trademarks on new strategy development formats, including the Situation Room™.

Why we need a civic CERN! – Superintelligence for the people

What is the nature of our universe?, is what the world’s best physicists ask as CERN, a centre known for its gigantic particle collider underneath the city of Geneva, Switzerland. What if we invest as much curiosity and as many resources to also open a civic CERN? Where guardians and innovators of democracy ask: How to lead people, read nature, and fight over resources and change with words, not weapons?—On the road to net zero in Europe, all eyes are on humans, not tech. We need a civic CERN.

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