How to eat energy

At the 2020 TEDxTUWien event “Energy,” Caroline illuminates different aspects of energy through nutrition. She provides insights into the quantitative (functional side of food) as well as into the qualitative (our wellbeing) approach to the optimal selection of energy-giving foods. An essential point of her talk is the focus on mindfulness about the effects of food on our energy balance.

She also encourages everyone to take a critical look at various products for the so-called “best energy kick”, promising to become higher, faster, further individuals, as there is no evidence that a single food can provide an energy boost. She gives valuable tips that can be easily and quickly implemented in practice. With her unique nutritional formula, she sets effective impulses to boost concentration and mental performance. In the end, a balanced energy level brings a higher level of motivation, productivity, and nerve resilience in everyone’s professional and personal lives. Thus, mindful energy management on an individual nutritional level can change whole societies.

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