After his master studies of Biotechnology and Food Technology in Vienna, Christian Schimper focused on cellulose and textile chemistry. Under the guidance of Prof. Bechtold at the University of Innsbruck he developed a method for environmentally friendly bleaching of Jeans. Based on these results he formed a team and founded the spin-off “Acticell GmbH” in 2014. Acticell is mainly emphasizing on developing and optimizing chemical processes for the sustainable and non-toxic surface treatment of cellulose materials – as bleaching and dying of jeans materials.

In 2017 Acticell was awarded the 1st place “Gewinn-Junior Entrepreneurs Competitions” in the category environment, where they gained 3rd place in the overall category as well. Beside multiple granted FFG traineeship awards, Acticell also won the 2nd price in the „PlanB start-up competition” in Straubing, Germany in 2019.

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